Oxford academics recognised in honours list

This article was originally published in Cherwell on 31 December 2016. Several notable Oxford academics have been recognised in the 2017 New Year’s Honours list amongst an Olympian-heavy cohort. Six members of the University are to receive honours for outstanding academic achievement, four of which are receiving honours for the first time. Sir Roger Bannister,... Continue Reading →

The end of the film reel

This article was first published in Cherwell on 11 November 2017. The effacement of the history of film is played out on multiplex screens. At my local cinema, each film is prefaced with a ten second countdown showing film prints scrolling across the screen in an old-fashion manner before the filmic effect and grain literally... Continue Reading →

Graham Greene and Oxford’s pubs

This article was originally published in Cherwell on 11 November 2016. Have you ever had to down a few drinks to pluck up the courage to speak with someone you fancy, so intimidated by their attractiveness or by your own burgeoning emotion? You’re in good company. One of the greatest British novelists of all time,... Continue Reading →

Richard Burton’s well trodden boards

This article was originally published in Cherwell on 4 November 2016. The Burton Taylor studio is an integral part of Oxford drama. A place where budding Oxford actors make their mark and start their careers. Yet while we regularly pass it, enjoy art in it and perhaps even perform in it, we rarely realise why... Continue Reading →

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